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The Iberá National Park is located in the northeast of Corrientes Province, in the Littoral region of Argentina, and stretches over a surface of 1.3 hectares in the Iberá Wetland ecoregion.

The natives inhabiting the land since the 9th century called the place “I-Berá”, the Guarani for “Shining Waters”.

The Iberá Wetlands form an array of streams, marshes, lakes and swamps that occupy approximately 14% of the territory of Corrientes Province.

Puerto Valle is located in the northeast end of the National Park. It is a privileged site, with private access to Laguna Valle and direct entry to Cambyretá Portal, the spot selected for the reintroduction of the red macaw.

The Iberá Wetland is one of the most prominent fresh water reserves on the continent and the largest protected area of Argentina, home to some 85 species of mammals, 35 species of reptiles, and 45 species of amphibians.

A lavish bird sanctuary, it is the ideal destination for bird watchers, with over 360 varieties of bird species-- more than 90% of them being native or autochthonous in the region.

In the midst of its rich diversity, Iberá is home to endangered species listed on national and international registries, including the black caiman and broad-snouted caiman, the red macaw, the yellow thrush, the marsh deer, the aguará guazú (maned wolf), the river otter, and the Pampa deer.